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Auto Shanghai 2007 ::Debuts Expected Thread::

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Date April 22 2007 - April 28 2007
Venue Shanghai New International Expo Center
2345 Longyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai.

Expected Debuts:

All new Skoda Superb (guess)
Santana 3000 (rumoured)
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phaeton said:
Expected Debuts:

All new Skoda Superb (guess)
Santana 3000 (rumoured)
What, another Santana model? Why don't Shanghai VW do the decent thing and kill off the Santana, and the Gol (that's not a typo, it is one 'f' short of a Golf) as well? And FAW-VW can stop producing the old, old, old Jetta, too.

A Santana costs more than a Zhonghua Junjie, and yet people still choose to buy Santanas. :confused:
cryptonx said:
this is the Palio we have here ( 2006/2007 )

which happens to be my car as well , heh
This is the Palio we have in China - a Punto for the even poorer, it seems!
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4*real*Made_in_China said:
The logo goes waaay overboard, it would look 100 times nicer if they made it look more like 大 , the character it's based on [what is it in Chinese, in Japanese it can be pronounced as "Dai" or "Oki" (it depends),meaning 'big'].
In Chinese 大 is pronounced 'da', and also 'dai' (but very rarely). It also means big in Chinese.
1 - 3 of 79 Posts
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