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AUTOBOL phase 2

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Well guys I have actually been getting a lot done since the first thread that nobody replied to :'( but what matters is that I actually managed to get some progress with my project :)

For the AUTOBOL SUV, MINIVAN, and PICKUP line up I might make a deal with Baoding Dadi or Fudi. Dadi's City leading would be an ideal suv for the country, and the Pioneer pickup and van would be great for workers and football wives around the country. This warms my heart since my country is one step closer to having an identity in the fast pace automobile industry.

However the sedan car is still an issue. I cannot find a manufacturer that will be able to make a sedan car. Its starting to seem like I have a few options left.

1. Try negotiating with Southeast (Fujian) and hope Mitsubishi dosent sue me
2. Talk with Jiangnan and hope Suzuki dosent sue me
3. Talk with Haima and hope Mazda dosent sue me
4. Talk with chongqin motorcycle if they actually make a sedan like states
5. Talk with Soyat and hope I can manage to sell a 20 year old seat Ibiza with my own logo on it.
6. Talk with Ningbo/Flybo/ETC. for there crappy electric car and try to convert it into a gasoline engine


7. Talk with Hwipharam in DPRK for there fiat clone and hope fiat dosent sue me and/or completly give up on a sedan.

I need some help...HELP!!!!!!!!!

what do I do??? what SHOULD I do???

(not easy trying to build a giant corporation straight out of college)

Best regards

Adrian Rico

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Hope you didn't think your original inquiry was being ignored. Everyone's been busy starting up the new year. If you do have access to some venture capital you may want to look into PolarsunMotor, Shuguang Auto (SGAutomotive), or Zotye Auto. They each have websites and I think they may be more fitting than the ones you cited.
While they may not have all the models you are aiming for, they may be interested in working with you....that is, like I said, if you have some capital and some other car savy folks behind you.
Lol I understand. Its interesting that you mention Zoyte since they own the Jiangnan and I think there now defunct Chanqi would be ideal for the peoples car of my operation. If they would continue the production of the Chanqi then I think my entire line up would be set since Dadi can cover the remaining items. As for capital, Yes I have enough. Thankfully in a nation that imports Katrina Autos, Operating costs will not be too much of a problem. Most of it will be sent to the auto manufacturer. However does anybody know the deal with buying from a chinese automobile manufacturer?? Do you buy each automobile separatly or wholesale?? If it is wholesale then I definitly think I have enough capital for a trial run in Bolivia (Which would be the equivilant of 4 paychecks & a small loan from the bank, the sale of a few stocks in the stock market, or remorgaging my fathers home). If anybody has any information for my team and whatever then I would be much Obliged.

Best wishes

Adrian Rico

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lol Im surprised this thread is still here. Dusting off the old wasted dreams of my youth, I realize how the industry has changed.

Yet I still wonder if anyone on the board is in China, Wuxi to be exact. I wouldnt mind seeing if the Junda parts are still lying around gathering dust at the Wuxi auto plant.
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