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Dear sir/ma'am

(I apologize if my speech sounds wierd in this bulliten, but I was just watching that guy songunblog on youtube and Im just astounded by DPRK people speaking engrish lol.)

Greetings, my name is Adrian Rico. I am from Tiraque, Bolivia although I am currently in Rhode Island E.E.U.U and I have seen many of the websites of chinese automobile manufacturers. I have been thinking of the possabilities of selling chinese made automobiles for a bolivian automobile brand. My plan is to open a few showrooms in my country that will distribute my automobile brand. The actual automobile will be assembled in China, but my original brandname will be applied to the vehicle. Any company that would also be interested in the deal would be able to expect a good cut of the profit in return for there hard work and other contribution towards the goal of the new business. If the brand is a success in its home market, then other markets around south america and maybe further can be considered. My question is that if this idea is achievable, would it be not only legal, but also possible? Of course the traditional chinese SUV, Truck, and Caravan would be ideal, but also a saloon car similar to the Daewoo Leganza or the Fiat Siena is a must for the new corporation. The car should be affordable, safe, and luxurious so that the people will be proud to buy a bolivian automobile instead of an import. If there is any chinese company or an insider who can give me any information about a possible business agreement, it would be very much appreciated.


Adrian rico

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