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BAIC BJ80C (Baw B80V)

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In April next year Beijing Auto will present new SUV B80V very similar to Mercedes G-class, at least from the back:

The front is more in line with the upcoming Beijing B40.

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Re: Baw b80v

@cuisine - It seems Auto.ifeng, Cheshi (and others in the media) are a bit late :)!

Below is a three-door high roof B80V,and this picture was posted on the 4wd-related forum in July 2012.
There are dozens of camoed and uncamoed pics in the various threads.

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Re: Baw b80v

Two forum threads from July 2013 on the B80V, one of them recently referenced on Tycho's blog:
Many of the images are common to both threads, and a few have already appeared here.

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Re: Baw b80v

Likely to be renamed BJ80 before launch, according to PCauto article.
Re: Baw b80v

A fascinating 7-page article on the development of the B(J)80 with lots of images and intricate details!
Perhaps the most comprehensive article concerning this vehicle on the internet so far...

Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Car Vehicle
Car Vehicle Gear shift Satellite radio Radio
Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle Car Automotive lighting
Vehicle Motor vehicle Window Mode of transport Automotive exterior
Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Sliding door Vehicle door
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Re: Baw B80V (BJ80)

The mighty Beijing Auto BJ80 monster SUV debuted today on the Beijing Auto Show. The BJ80 is officially still a concept but a production version is on the way. The Beijing Auto BJ80 started life as a military vehicle designated Beijing Auto 80 VJ, and later on we saw a civilian version designated Beijing Auto B80V. The BJ80 is a souped up version of the civilian version with a hefty body kit and huge 21 inch alloys.Earlier on we heard the civilian version would be powered by a 2.4 liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 143hp and 217nm, mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. However, Beijing Auto surprised on the show by claiming the BJ80 is actually powered by a “4.0 liter V8″, without giving any more specifications.
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BAIC BJ80J Yongshi (2nd-gen) (new pics)

3- and 5-door:

Automotive parking light Wheel Automotive side marker light Land vehicle Tire
Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Automotive side marker light Vehicle

Note "Yongshi" (勇士) label:
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Motor vehicle Tread

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