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BAIC New Energy EC series (C10)

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Re: BAIC BJEV (BAIC New Energy) C10

Interior pics of upcoming EV codenamed "C10":

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Re: BAIC BJEV (BAIC New Energy) C10

Pilot production has already begun!
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BAIC New Energy EC200

EC200 model, powered by a 36 kW motor, launched. This immediately replaces the EC180 in the market.

The EC180 has been reasonably successful since its introduction late last year, having sold more than 26000 units till July. The EC200, with its good range (~200 km) and very affordable post-subsidy prices should be making some top LSEV makers concerned. Also I suppose the rather commonplace, standard 5-door hatchback look makes it instantly acceptable to lay customers many of who could have been put off by some purposefully quirky "electric vehicle" design.

The Beijing New Energy range currently consists of:

EV160 (EV300 tbl) (hatchback)
EU260 (EU300 tbl)
tbl= to be launched shortly

E150EV, EV200, ES210, EX200 -- discontinued.
EV260 sedan, EH400 -- no immediate plans for launch.
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BAIC New Energy EC180

A correction: On August 16, I mentioned EC180 is being replaced by the EC200, but MIIT's latest Purchase Tax exemption list (link) includes the EC180, so probably it will continue to exist in the market.

Also note, Changhe will handle additional production of the EC180 (at its Jiujiang plant) to supplement deliveries from BAIC's Qingdao and Changzhou factories.
The next two longer-range versions are expected to be the EC3 (261 km) and EC280 (270 km), both equipped with a 31 kWh battery pack.

Source: MIIT


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BAIC New Energy EC220

In July, BAIC introduced a hire-purchase scheme exclusively for the EC220.

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Tangjun Ouling (T-King) New Wangzi series

Tangjun Ouling Auto, manufacturer of LSEVs, trucks, and imitation Mokes, unveiled a new 5-door hatchback at the Jinan Fall EV Show [officially the 14th China (Jinan) New Energy Automobile Exhibition]. This may form part of a new Wangzi* series which will comprise low-speed variants and a standard NEV (or "high-speed" model). The NEV could sport a different front end than the one pictured below.

At first sight, this looks very much like an altered copy of the Beijing EC Series but is not so. Interestingly, a few years ago T-King signed a cooperation/technology transfer agreement with Beijing Auto New Energy (BJEV) to co-produce the C10HB body for a new electric model. In June 2016, around the same time pictures of Beijing Auto's own C10 surfaced, T-King manufactured the first C10HB body at its plant in Zichuan District, Zibo. It took three years for T-King to develop its own version. Moreover, T-King has supplied C10 bodies to BJEV during periods of high demand.

Images from:,

I haven't seen pictures of the rear or interior so am not aware of any other differences with the EC Series.

*From Haima Wangzi (Prince), an electric version of which had been produced by T-King in the past.


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