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BAIC Ruixiang X5

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At 2021 Chongqing Auto Show, Beijing Auto (BAIC) introduced first vehicle under new brand Ruixiang. The car is of course an SUV, named (very imaginative) X5.
X5 will be produced at the Hechuan plant in Chongqing.
Alongside the car, brand's logo was also presented.

【图】2021重庆车展:北汽瑞翔X5正式亮相_汽车之家 (

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Mammut Group's new auto venture MAXMOTOR unveiled its second vehicle, the Tiara SUV, at the Tehran Auto Show; it is already assembling the Kalut pickup (Dayun V5) as mentioned elsewhere on this forum.
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Mammut Group's new auto venture MAXMOTOR unveiled its second vehicle, the Tiara SUV, at the Tehran Auto Show;
Maxmotor Tiara line-off:
Article from March 2022; offered without comment:
目标年销5万辆的北汽瑞翔 半年只卖了461辆
目标年销量5万辆的北汽瑞翔,半年新车上险量仅461辆 | 调查

Pertinent excerpts:
Recently, when a reporter from Yicai went to the Zenith Industrial Park in Chongqing, they found that the factory area of Beiqi Ruixiang Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BAIC Ruixiang") fell into silence again after a brief recovery in August last year. The headquarters building has been closed and the main entrance The steps at the entrance were overgrown with weeds, and the rubbish was not cleaned up.
Silent factory

There is a commercial street opposite the gate of BAIC Ruixiang. Before 2018, BAIC Ruixiang was called BAIC Yinxiang, and the restaurant here was overcrowded. Beginning in 2018, with the cliff-like decline in the sales of vehicles owned by Yinxiang, the flow of people in this commercial street has also decreased. In June 2021, BAIC Yinxiang Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BAIC Yinxiang") completed bankruptcy and reorganization and became BAIC Ruixiang, and this commercial street had also briefly recovered.
Last week, when a reporter from Yicai Group visited again, they found that almost all the restaurants, supermarkets, and pharmacies near the BAIC Yinxiang plant were empty, leaving only the gray signboards and locked doors; the entire commercial street was only left. A small shop is still open. The owner of the commissary said that the main people who came to buy things were construction workers from nearby construction sites.
During normal working hours, the reporter saw no signs of production in Ruixiang's factory. Several workers gathered at the door of the workshop to play with mobile phones or smoke. No production materials were seen, and several workers said the company is not currently mass-producing cars. Near the factory is the headquarters of Beiqi Ruixiang. The building has been closed. Weeds are overgrown on the steps of the main entrance, and the garbage is not cleaned.
Up to now, BAIC Ruixiang has not actively disclosed the company's sales to the outside world. The reporter inquired about the data of the China Passenger Transport Association and the compulsory automobile traffic insurance data and found that from last year to January this year, the production of BAIC Ruixiang was zero for several consecutive months; the total number of insurance coverage of the three models was only 461 vehicles.
The reporter checked the sales volume of 98 Chinese passenger car companies in 2021 and found that only 12 of the more than 70 local passenger car companies have an annual sales volume of more than 100,000 vehicles.

It is true that no current (2022) statistics on BAIC Ruixiang is available: whether it be production, wholesales (from more than one source), or retail sales At least one of the three is usually available, even for marginal players.
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