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In Batch 340 of the MIIT new vehicle announcements, there were 6 new vehicles registered by BAIC Yinxiang. A small MPV called Apollo 01, two larger minivans called Apollo 02 (1.5 or 1.8 litre engine) and panel van versions of the cars. The cars are listed under "Beijing brand", but have a logo that resembles Huansu.

BAIC Yinxiang has been idle since early 2018 and has not produced any vehicles since, because of cash flow problems. Now an article (linked below) suggests that Chongqing Municipal government and BAIC are finally reorganizing the company and production will restart somewhere this year.


BAIC Apollo 01 (BJ6450BKV1T):

BAIC Apollo 02 (BJ6490DMU1T/BJ6490DMV1T):



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