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Re: Baojun 330

It seems like the 330 is not doing too well in the market. As such, Baojun 330 delivery figures are not declared separately; Wuling only provides data for Lechi and 630 among cars. I assume 610 and 330 deliveries are included in the 630 numbers. Inferring from online activity alone, there does not seem to be much interest or enthusiasm regarding the 330 on popular car sites such as Autohome, PCAuto, Bitauto, Auto Sohu etc. The Club Autohome forum, which is a busy and popular forum, does not appear to have even one ownership thread on the 330, considering the car is a product of a manufacturer which makes around two million vehicles per year.

In any case, I find not many dealers mentioned on the car websites (with regard to the 330; at most 1-2). Looking around for announcements of discounts, I have found discounts ranging from 500 RMB to 17000 RMB (Link). That is 28% for a car launched 8 months ago! However, the majority of the offers is in the region of 2000 RMB.

The new version, apparently to be called 310L, appears to be Wuling's answer to the market's waning interest in the 330. Considering that development work on a car generally starts several years (3-4) ahead of its reveal, Wuling may have initially intended a second model as a premium, budget, or sporty variant (we do not know much about its specifications yet) and is likely considering launching this version soon after/alongside the hatchback.

Well, I could be wrong, so I would like to know the views of our more knowledgeable friends here.
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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