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Features:Water-proof, IP46, on-board, internal integrated PFC, 93% efficiency...

1.5KW, 2KW, 3KW, 4KW, 6KW, 8KW HF/PFC Chargers..
Model 24V, 48V, 36V, 72V, 84V, 96V, 120V, 144V, 156V, 192V, 216V, 288V, 312V etc.,

For anyone who might be looking for chargers from the manufacturer, please evaluate them yourself.
Circuit component Building Rectangle Sky Cable
Circuit component Building Rectangle Gas Electric blue
Mountain Circuit component Font Electric blue Slope
Circuit component Rectangle Building Font Passive circuit component
Rectangle Automotive lighting Triangle Automotive exterior Electric blue

Factory customizes chargers according to different types of batteries.
Any techincal query or if interested, please send e-mail to Nancy Loo ...
Mobile:+86-136 666 70413
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