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Recently, many automakers are following Wuling and making "Mini EVs". Boxy, cheap city cars. Pictures are in this order: Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, Chery QQ Ice Cream, Dongfeng Fengguang Mini EV (DFSK Candy), Lingbox Uni (Lingbox OO), BAW S3 (exterior only), BAW S5.

Wheel Car Automotive parking light Automotive side-view mirror Tire

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive side-view mirror Car

Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Wheel Automotive side-view mirror Tire Vehicle Car

Car Vehicle Tire Automotive side-view mirror Wheel

Wheel Tire Car Automotive parking light Automotive side-view mirror

Car Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Steering wheel

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Steering part Mode of transport

Car Vehicle Gear shift Steering wheel Motor vehicle

Car Vehicle Speedometer Motor vehicle Gear shift

Skip BAW S3

I'm at 10 files can't add anymore, continuing on to next post.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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