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In g.Tomsk appeared the official dealer BAW (Peking motor vehicle plant) which present, the an even newer for Russia model number, in the auto-salon presented to 4 models which cause great interest in buyers as alternative to Russian avtopromu.
I will attempt to describe to you - model LAND KING this copy PRADO and sufficiently good, remain good impressions, quality of assembling already rather better in comparison with the already declared stamps on the Russian market. Certainly
percent they could not repeat one hundred, but to 80% it succeeded for them; also the difference into half of price from the original covers 20% of trifle.
Lu Ling Pick-up - alternative to Admiral although engine the same, in the design entices more, yes even places in the salon are much greater, although according to the form it and on not such large, the assembly of salon beginning from the housekeeper concluding by super- lux.
Beijing Hiace Mini Bus - well that to say copy Toyota Hiace, simplicity of salon simply kill, Chinese even did not hinder themselves to establish glass- hoists, and there is no second stove in the salon, then two conditioners, but under our Siberian conditions this is minus.
Reach Cuv - the interesting model of parketnika, outwardly, at first glance it is possible to think that this Nisan X -.Treil, but this only at first glance, at the side as entire suspension and the decoration of salon from old Cheroki, the cursor of the same as on the Admiral, the tail end of the body is undertaken surely from two automobiles, although is obtained here this here hybrid, it appears it properly and entices by its novelty and unusualness.
Concerning technical characteristics on all model'kam I can send on e-mail.
Automobiles are advanced in g.Tomsk auto-salon EURASIA ul.Michurin 20/2
bodies.(3822) 69-50-69: Information can be obtained on bodies. +7-903-955-44-25

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BAW (Beijing Auto Work) models in Russia:

- BAW Land King (BJ2032Z3C1U2, BJ2032Z3C1U1, BJ2032Z3C2U1)

- BAW Reach SUV (BJ2025FL)

- BAW HaiShi (Hiace) BJ6490

- BAW Luling Pick up (BJ1021)

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BAW starts building 10million RMB plant

Small article from China Car Times:
Beijing Auto is one of the last domestic auto giants to launch its own passenger car brand, its rivals SAIC, FAW, and Dongfeng have all launched their self branded vehicles in the past five years with moderate success. Beijing Auto is a relative late comer to this arena, but they do intend on entering with quite a splash, their concept cars from a few years ago wowed the world and made Beijing out to be one of the more up and coming car builders in China with their Lexus style sedans and large masculine jeeps.

Beijing Auto recently signed off on a piece of land in Tongzhou, Jiangsu province which is quite a way from Beijing’s traditional power base, but puts it strategically close to thousands of domestic automotive suppliers. Beijing auto plans to build a comprehensive factory unit which will include R&D facilities for engines and cars, a car design studio and also an engine and gearbox factory.

By 2015 the factory will be capable of building 400,000 engines, 300,000 CVT gearboxes and 300,000 manual transmissions.

According to information currently known, the factory is expected to be producing the Saab 2.0L and 2.3L gasoline engines that Beijing Auto bought from Saab late last year, Beijing Auto will also be working on furthering the development of naturally aspirated engines and turbo engines, and will also be working on sub 2.0L engines for use in its own cars.
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