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BAW Yongshi 3-door jeep

In February, when the updated Yongshi range was displayed, a three-door soft-top jeep was seen with RHD controls, obviously an export product. This version has not been launched in China, so specifications are not available from MIIT or otherwise. Any specs published for a three-door version are those for the hardtop only which is longer (with longer wheelbase) than the five-door standard SUV version.

The soft-top three-door however is shorter in length and has an even shorter wheelbase as seen in pictures, so I set out to estimate its length and wheelbase. Luckily I found two side profiles of the jeep and the 5-door SUV on BAW's updated site.

Using an image editing software, I worked out the different ratios of line segments and body parts, using certain measurements as controls. Then comparing between the two models, and using some other estimations (allowing for perspective at the extremities), I worked out the length of the three-door jeep as between 4.3-4.35 m and its wheelbase as between 2.42-2.44 m. I did not do a height estimation because the "ground" could not be reliably determined (the tires look somewhat elliptical at the lowest point). I arrived at a length of 94.9 cm for width of the front door for both models, using different approaches. Although the figure may not be accurate to the cm, this at least confirms that the ratios I was working with were correct.


41 - 60 of 80 Posts
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