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Xingkong Super Platform S3
Parameters嫦娥 Chang'e元宝 Yuanbao
Price CNY27800-32800*33900-49900
Length mm29983162
Width mm14981498
Height mm1575-15851585
Wheelbase mm20502050
Unladen weight kg610693-740
Max speed km/h80100
Power output kW13-1820
Torque Nm85-7485
Battery capacity kWh9.9-11.59.6-13.6
Range km116121-172
Start of ProductionSeptember 2021June 2022
AssemblyDezhouLaixi, Dezhou

The Xingkong platform was developed by BAW-Lichi and the Chang'e was originally intended to be a Lichi..
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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