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From Car Lovers Magazine:
Beijing Auto Works (BAW) are probably keen to show off their new cars in their own backyard, if everyone was coming to your house for a party and you had nothing to offer you would feel a little embarrased, but Beijing Auto are aiming to be the life of the Auto Show party with their line up of cars that ranges from bad ass looking SUV’s to a new Saab based sedan.

The B40 SUV really does look like a meaty SUV, and it has been spotted out testing in China quite a few times therefore it might be having its official launch at the Beijing Auto Show. The Chinese press are calling it ‘The Chinese Jeep Wrangler’, so it should be in good company with The Chinese Hummer. Eventual pricing for the B40 has not yet been announced, but prices of circa 150,000rmb are likely.

The B90 really does look like an interesting machine with its Grand Jeep Cherokee and Range Rover styling, it is sure to be an interesting model to see on the big day.

The SUV’s may be cool, but the real star of the line up is the Beijing C71, based on the Saab technology that Beijing Auto acquired from Saab prior to its sale to Spyker cars earlier this year. Powerplants for the above models, aside from the EV, are likely to be Saab units in turbo and naturally aspirated form. We will have to wait until press day to confirm however, but it is looking highly likely.

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