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Mike Yu, an employee of BAIC since late 2008, apparently got homesick for the U.S. recently. When he returned there this month he was picked up by the authorities for industrial spying. Reports are that before Mike left his job with Ford he took with him intellectual property pertaining to Ford's engine and transmission mounting subsystem, front and rear side door structure, steering wheel assembly and the instrument panel and console subsystem, among others, said today.

BAIC Independent has been scrambling to catch up with its domestic competitors in the latest technology through acquisitions, alliances and new management hires lately, and so perhaps Mike Yu was a good catch. By coincidence Gu Lei, BAIC's director of product development, was also a Ford employee from 1994-2005 before leaving to take a job at Chery.

It will be interesting to see if there is a link between Yu and Gu.
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