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Beijing Automobile Works Co., Ltd. is one of the pioneers in Chinese automobile industry, the origin and epitome of the development of automobile industry in Beijing in the last half century, and the representative brand enterprise of the nation. The former Beijing Automobile Works was founded in 1958 as the second largest automobile factory in China, with the name inscribed by Mr. Zhude, Chairman of the National People's Congress. In 2001, Beijing Automobile Works developed into Beijing Automobile Works Co., Ltd. (BAW for short) based on a modern enterprise system. BAW has been manufacturing light off-road vehicles and trucks for 40 years, and has been entitled as "the Family of Road-Off Vehicles".

While focusing on off-road vehicles, we also develop commercial vehicles and special vehicles to meet the demands of military users, domestic civilian market as well as overseas markets. With an accumulated productive capacity of over 1 million vehicles, and a sound contribution to the economic development and national defense, we have become the fixed supplier of military purpose vehicles and the backbone company in the light off-road industry.

BAW, headquartered in Chaoyang District of Beijing, has two separate plants: one in Chaoyang District, and the other in Shunyi District, with the production capacity of 100,000 units per year. Our comprehensive distribution and service network covers the whole Chinese market, including all the provinces, cities and municipalities. BAW takes the lead in China with independent R&D and manufacture. We have 4 series of products, including military light off-road vehicles, civilian light off-road vehicles (SUV), trucks and amphibious vehicles.

We have also established numerous independent brands, including Lu Ba (light off-road vehicles), Qi Ling (light &middle trucks), Lu Ling (pickups), and Zhan Qi (amphibious vehicles). BAW has set up an advanced quality control system, and has passed ISO9001:2000 certificate (the civilian quality standard) and GJB9001:2000 certificate (the military quality standard).

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