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Beijing BJ40

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concept from Beijing auto show 2008 :

test mule for production :

more picturers : - for translate use google translator
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Re: Beijing BJ40 (B40)

This vehicle has been done to death even before launch, but there's a new gallery, so here goes:

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Beijing BJ40 Tuo Jiang (拓疆)

Slight refresh "Tuo Jiang" version launched, with DRLs and other enhancements:
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Beijing BJ40 FUN

Two-seat pickup-style "jeep". Reportedly it will be a limited edition model with a run of 1000 units.

UPDATE: This appears to be an attempt to sell off old stocks of a 2016 "pickup" model.


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Deformed/bent wheel, misalignment, ill-fitted suspension or bearings -- probable causes. Google "wobbly steering" and there are many suggestions online, mostly to do with the first two causes mentioned here.

If the vehicle is new, which I suspect it is, it boils down to either poor QC at factory or some careless damage at the dealer/stockyard, possibly during offloading from the transporter.
Zarrin Khodro (officially the Shahid Shahmoradi Automotive Industries), operating under the Iranian Ministry of Defense, displayed their own version of the BJ40 for the civilian market about a year ago. Although there have been no further updates on its progress, the organization did unveil "Aras 3" single- and double-cabin pickups (loosely based on the BJ40 but using a different chassis), in production form six months ago.
Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Vehicle registration plate
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

(Below) Aras 3 single- and double-cabin pickups seen with predecessor Aras 2
Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle Vehicle Grille
Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Vehicle Car

Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Cloud
Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Car Land vehicle
Car Vehicle Speedometer Motor vehicle Steering wheel

Pics from twitter and
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