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Beijing BJ40

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concept from Beijing auto show 2008 :

test mule for production :

more picturers : - for translate use google translator
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This car is available in Germany but does anybody have information if they have WVTA for this car or it is individual approval in Germany ?
"is this a Jeep Wrangler copy?"

Copy of? or Influenced by"?

Who dares say?
It is imported in Germany on individual type approval by the TÜV. Within the EU you have the right to buy a licensed German car and import it in rep. Czech, which is obliged to give you a Czech license. I did the same with my old BJ212 which was licensed in the Netherlands on an individual approval and I imported it into France. Though they didn't like it they had to give me the French license.
Thank you for your answer Erik.
I found BAIC dealer in Germany about 180 km from my home so I hope that could visit during my vacation for some photos and explore cars on my own eyes.BJ80 was really big suprise for me when I saw it.

I have experience with few individula approvals, and there were any exemptions from requiremens, which were only national valid, not international. WVTA/small series is better for import to other countries...
Beijing BJ40 FUN

Two-seat pickup-style "jeep". Reportedly it will be a limited edition model with a run of 1000 units.

UPDATE: This appears to be an attempt to sell off old stocks of a 2016 "pickup" model.


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41 - 60 of 97 Posts
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