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Beijing BJ40

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concept from Beijing auto show 2008 :

test mule for production :

more picturers : - for translate use google translator
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Dose any one have the car noticed wobbling in the steering wheel at certain speeds. The

Also reported this issue.
Deformed/bent wheel, misalignment, ill-fitted suspension or bearings -- probable causes. Google "wobbly steering" and there are many suggestions online, mostly to do with the first two causes mentioned here.

If the vehicle is new, which I suspect it is, it boils down to either poor QC at factory or some careless damage at the dealer/stockyard, possibly during offloading from the transporter.
....wobbling in the steering wheel at certain speeds.
Wheel/tire assembly imbalance will cause phasing in and out, of the wobbling condition depending on road speed.
If machine rebalancing does not correct this, in rare cases, a small amount of water, or debris, trapped inside the tire can be the cause of re-occurence of the problem.
Nicely prepared. Is it factory tuning or version or external company conversion?
This is special version developed in-house

Translated via Google
A few days ago, Beijing Off-Road officially released the official map of the Beijing BJ40 rainforest crossing model. At the same time, the car officially opened for pre-sale, and its pre-sale price is 280,000 yuan. The car is based on the current Beijing BJ40 PLUS 2.3T automatic four-wheel drive flagship version, and the official said that the car is a cross-country model specially designed for enthusiasts.
2021 BJ40:

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61 - 80 of 97 Posts
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