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Chrysler 300C has discount of up to 150,000 yuan!

October 06, 2008 - As the tax hike on luxury and large displacement came into effect earlier this year, large car makers have been struggling to move their big motors off their sales lots. One way to move big motors off parking lots is to announce massive price cuts, the Chrysler 300c is just one car that will see price cuts this week, the biggest price cut being an impressive 150,000rmb or $21,000USD!

2.7 Business model - Original Price - 300,000rmb - Price after discount - 260,000rmb
2.7 Luxury model - Original Price - 333,000rmb - Price after discount - 290,000rmb
2.7 Luxury Navigation - Original Price - 340,000rmb - Price after discount - 320,000rmb
3.5 Luxury Navigation - - Original Price - 390,500rmb - Price after discount - 320,000rmb
5.7 Luxury Navigation - Original Price - 690,000rmb - Price after discount - 459,000rmb

Also for the smaller 2.7l models, Chrysler are offering a 40,000rmb discount on silver coloured models, where as other colors are listed as being only 10,000rmb to 15,000rmb. The flagship 5.7l Luxury Navigation model 300c rose in price by a staggering 100,000rmb once the luxury tax came into place, thus the massive discounts were put into place. The 300c is not the only large luxury car to be claimed by the tax hike, the Audi A8 also increased in price by 280,000rmb after the tax increase.
from China Car Times
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