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Beijing Hyundai i30

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Following the launch of its all-new Elantra in April as part of Hyundai's promise to release at least one new model in China each year, Beijing Hyundai will make and sell another new Hyundai model in the first half of 2009, said The Hyundai i30 hatchback will be built in the second plant of the joint venture.

The China-made Hyundai i30 is a hatchback model positioned between Hyundai Accent and Elantra, with a 2,650mm wheelbase and sharing most parts with Kia Cee'd. It is driven by the all-new 1.4L and 1.6L engines, which are more powerful and fuel-efficient than the current Elantra's engine of the same emissions. In safety, all editions have driver, passenger and curtain airbags, traction and stability control and finally ABS with EBD.

When its second plant starts operation early next year, Beijing Hyundai will have an annual capacity of 300,000 vehicles. The new plant's capacity will be reserved for the production of new Hyundai models to rival the Buick Excelle and Ford Focus. Making the Hyundai i30 hatchback is a good choice for Beijing Hyundai to boost its sales figures. Another new model (codenamed NFC) based on the 7th-generation Sonata sedan will also be built at the new plant soon.

Beijing Hyundai general manager J.M. Noh recently said that the joint venture will deliver two new models in each of the next three years. At the 2008 Guangzhou auto show last month, Beijing Hyundai unveiled the all-new Sonata model "Ling Xiang" -- the China-made Sonata which will go on sale in the coming few months. This model will rival Passat Lingyu in the D-class segment.

Beijing Hyundai is a 50:50 joint venture founded in 2002 by Hyundai Motor Co and Beijing Automotive Holdings. In 2007, the company sold 231,137 vehicles in the Chinese market. The joint venture has just reduced its sales target for this year to 320,000 units from the previous 380,000-unit goal that was set at the beginning of the year.

Hyundai i30:

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Re: Hyundai i30

This Hyundai i30 is a good looking subcompact and appears it would be fun to drive as well. And Hyundai build quality would be great. The Long-Haul Warranty(I don't know if they offer as good a Warranty as they do in the U.S. in China, but they just might)is very good and comprehensive, too. Nice job from Hyundai Motors.
Re: Hyundai i30

looks like a nice car for me, has a nice and sleek dashboard and seat covers... they had nice reviews for its car performance and engine... would love to hear more of it though.
Re: Hyundai i30

i don't this car except for the headlights

they share an issue with the Kia Ceed - they use a 5 spd manual and 4 spd auto

the competition have moved onto 6 spd manuals and 6 spd autos and even DSGs

pretty important in sophisticated western markets
Re: Hyundai i30

As the owner of a 2009 Korean built i30, I can say this is a great car. Hopefully the chinese built cars will have the same quality. In Australia this car is sold only with the 2.0 litre petrol and 1.6 tdi engines, the mention of a 1.4 and 1.6 litre engines in the chines version at the beginning of this thread is interesting, although in 'reading' Martin's post of the specs in chinese today I see 1.6 and 2.0 litre engines mentioned, but cannot tell if the 1.6 is petrol or diesel.
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