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No sooner do Chrysler-GM talks end, but that Cerberus-Hyundai talks begin.

Looks like Hyundai might like to buy the Jeep share of Chrysler from Cerberus.
That makes sense because Hyundai is situated right there in Beijing. It's in a perfect position to take up where Chrysler left off with its historic Beijing Jeep joint venture. Maybe Hyundai will have a better go at it, seeing as all those thorny cultural obstacles are less likely to get in the way.
As recently as September, reported that Daimler was mulling a possible buy out of Chrysler's Beijing venture share for "USD 1 billion".

And back in the states, those Alabama good ole boys would be tickled to get their hands on some pure American 4X4's.

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its a nice move on the part of hyundai to have a more stable reputation against other prominent names in car industry around the world. i researched it a have a this source.


*replacing "." with (dot) because i'm not have the privilege to put some links yet.

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No, Hyundai denied about the rumor. they said they don't have extra cash as they are investing a lot of money into R&D.

And I also think so. If you have a look the recent foot step of Hyundai, you can see how much money they are pouring into R&D.

*Hyundai launched RWD genesis this year.

*Accroding to korean newspaper, Hyundai finished the development of own 6 sp auto tranny and it's already in the production. Also, they plan to produce 8sp tranny in 2010.

*Hyundai released the details of their new diesel performance powerplant - the Hyundai R-Engine. The diesel Hyundai R-Engine comes in two sizes, 2.0 and 2.2-litre, with power outputs of 184PS/392Nm and 200PS/436Nm respectively.

*Again according to Korean newspaper, Hyundai plan to produce GDI (gasoline direct injection) engine late 2010. Genesis, HG(next gen of Azera) and VI(next gen of eqqus) are likely have this engine.

what GDI will bring? here is the comparison

Genesis coupe 2.0 theta TCI turbo 210hp 30kg.m (max torque)

Introduced in Busan motor show this year
2.0 theta 2 GDI turbo 290hp 40kg.m (max torque)

*Hyundai set new sales record,

While they are spending so much money into R&D and doing ok themselves, why would they buy the company that has a little chance to survive in the future? even Mercedes couldn't make it,how hyundai can do it?
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