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Beijing Hyundai Sonata NFC and MoInca

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Actually, F/L NF sonata was introduced month ago in korea, so it should be available in china soon as well.

old NF


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Re: Hyundai Sonata NF

At Auto China Sonata NF was showing off with new grill. Whether this is a minor facelift or trademark of some special version remains unknown to me.

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Beijing Hyundai to roll out new Yuxiang at year end.

July 15, 2008 - Beijing Hyundai is planning to give the middle-sized Sonata Yuxiang a facelift targeting the Chinese market. The revamped model will be launched by the end of the year to replace the current Sonata NF (called Yuxiang in China) which has been on sale in China since 2005, Beijing News reported yesterday.

The report said that in the first half of this year, the estimated sales of Sonata Yuxiang plunged by 31.1% year-on-year to 5,380 units, even less than its predecessor --- EF Sonata, which posted sales of 12,000 units in the same period.
The turning point is expected to come in 2009. Beijing Hyundai now is planning to give Yuxiang a facelift and will launch the revamped model at year end. The company expects the new model could regain sales growth in middle-sized car market, top authorities of Beijing Hyundai told the reporters.
Hyundai has redesigned the 2006 NF Sonata for the North American market in February. The 2009 Sonata model has gone through significant changes from interior to powerplant, with a 2.4L version equipped with five-speed AT.

According to vice general manager of Beijing Hyundai, the new Yuxiang of Beijing Hyundai is not just a facelift as that for the North America but will be better revamped targeting the Chinese market.

The new Yuxiang will still use a 2.0L or a 2.4L Theta engine. Whether the car will be mounted with five-speed AT is still unknown.

Sonata GLS V6 Gold:

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Re: Hyundai Sonata NF

I wonder why the sonata in china still uses the old design. Even the interior.
Beijing simultaneously produces last (fourth) generation of Sonata under the name NF and previous (third) generation shown two posts above.
Re: Hyundai Sonata NF

nice looking pics, when would this be available? In here, one of the popular cars would be the Hyundai Gets...
Below are first pictures of what is supposed to be 2009 Sonata. Unlike previous reports it seems the car will be completely redesigned from inside out and will adopt the design of new Elantra.

More at:
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Hyundai Sonata NFC

Joint-venture carmaker Beijing Hyundai Motor Company plans to launch the new-generation Sonata with the code name of NFC in late 2008 or early 2009, with a view to further expanding in the segment medium- and high-end vehicle market.

Co-founded by Beijing Automobile Investment Co., Ltd. and Hyundai Corporation of South Korea on October 18, 2002, Beijing Hyundai Motor owns a total registered capital of USD 886.8 million.

Presently, the company faces a great challenge of brand cognition upgrade now, so it will insist on the regular debut of new products in the near future, said the Beijing Hyundai Motor General Manager J.M. Noh.

As a hi-tech sedan model focusing on the Chinese market, NFC is revised from the Sonata car model, which was developed as early as 1985, and has munch advantage in engine, safety, and collocation. It is expected to elevate the power efficiency by 13%, while the oil consumption will decrease 6%.

Beijing Hyundai Motor expects that more customers can be charmed by such a significant product, on the background of furious competition in China's medium- and high-end vehicle market, said people with the direct knowledge of the matter.

Along with the financial crisis and downturn of vehicle markets worldwide, more automobile tycoons aim at China now. A series of hi-end sedan models, such as Camry, new Accord, new Teana, and new Mazda 6, are expected to further extend reaches to the Chinese market in the not-too-distant future.

After NFC hits the market, Beijing Hyundai Motor will never produce the Sonata NF, which cannot satisfy most Chinese customers due to the unreasonable market positioning. However, the Sonata NF is sold at a lower price in the US, winning great favor of the local blue collar.

In the entire 2007, about 133,800 and 119,100 units of the Sonata NF were sold in the US and South Korea, respectively, while the sales volume in Mainland China was only 14,000.

Elantra has been outracing other car models of Beijing Hyundai Motor in terms of sales, since the JV started running business in China six years ago. From January to September 2008, Beijing Hyundai Motor aggregately sold 219,300 vehicles in the domestic market, and the Elantra HDC sales volume had exceeded 60,000 as of October 8.

On April 6, 2008, the Elantra HDC rolled off the production line, and the Beijing-located automaker expected to sell around 100,000 Elantra HDCs in the entire 2008.

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