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Beijing New Energy LITE by ARCFOX

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Production version: BJ7000KPCC-BEV. To be made in Changzhou, Jiangsu.

Dimensions: 2986 x 1676 x 1492 mm
Wheelbase: 1870 mm
Motor: 36 kW

Source: MIIT

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Beijing New Energy Lite

May be launched as "Lite".


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Re: Beijing New Energy LITE (ARCFOX)

So its LITE what? Is there no nameplate?
Re: Beijing New Energy LITE (ARCFOX)

As things stand, 'Lite' seems to be the only name that is being publicized. On the company posters photographed in the Autohome article, and also on/in the car itself, ARCFOX is absent (but see below).
Beijing New Energy LITE BY ARCFOX

"Lite by Arcfox" -- so that's what it is!

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Beijing New Energy LITE

Possibly because BAIC wants to project "ARCFOX" as an upmarket, high-tech and futuristic brand, the LITE is no longer an ARCFOX vehicle. The "by ARCFOX" badge has been removed from the (2019) R300 model; also the site appears to be devoid of any reference to this little car.

It also seems to tie up with BAIC's rumored plan to promote LITE as a separate brand or sub-brand for small electrics. From an earlier post:

The EC5 is equipped with either a 70 kW or 80 kW motor, 48 kWh battery pack, and range is officially 403-415 km. Info from MIIT further reveals one version of the EC5 (403 km, made by BJEV Changzhou) badged as "ET3" under a new standalone brand "LITE".

BJEV also proposes to bring the EC3 hatchback under the LITE brand.
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