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As a large state-I enterprise under the direct leadership of China Weapon Industry Group Corp, Beijing North Huade Neoplan Bus Co., Ltd. took the lead in introducing the complete set of vehicle types and technologies in manufacturing high-end sightseeing buses from German NEOPLAN Corporation, a world famous bus manufacturer. The emergence of NORTH NEOPLAN bus has since then filled the gap of domestic luxury bus production, freeing our country from relying on oversea resources of high-end luxury buses.

Over more than two decades of development, our company has successively developed luxury buses in five series, namely express passenger transport bus, luxury sightseeing bus, high-class city bus, sleeper bus and special vehicle. It products range from 8.5m to 13.7m, covering the fields such as tourism, passenger transport, public transport and government services in an all-round way.

A round-the-clock hotline has been opened in our HQ to timely handle the information on failures in our vehicles and ensures our maintenance men can show up on the site to solve the problem. Meanwhile, timely and quality services can be rendered to our customers through a strong after-sales service & spare parts supply network consisting of over 50 technical service stations specially appointed and almost 10 spare-part centers.

By right of its clear operational target, perfect management system, strong technical strength, rigorous quality control system and quality after-sales services, NORTH NEOPLAN has seen a 241% increase on a YOY basis in recent three years in its output and a 210% increase in its sales volume, through which its rapid and sound development has been insured. We are confident that NORTH NEOPLAN will become stronger with the continuous advancement of Chinese automotive industry.

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Beijing Jinghua Bus Co.

Beijing Jinghua Bus Co., Ltd. is a bus manufacturer located in Beijing City, Beijing Municipality, China. The product range includes city bus, articulated bus, bus, large bus, double decker city bus, electric city bus, double-decker bus, hydraulic hybrid electric city bus, sightseeing bus, tram line maintenance vehicle, electric passenger vehicle, hybrid city bus, rescue bus, employee bus, emergency rescue vehicle, etc. The brands are: Jinghua, Hongye.
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