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Beijing Senova X25 & EC5 (EX)

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Beijing New Energy EX350

The next model in the EX series will have a range of 318 km. (Item 2)
Re: Beijing Senova X25 & EX200

BAIC started selling the EX260 in Argentina, at US$ 40K.
Test drive will be revealed soon.
Beijing BJEV EX360

EX360 launched. [I am a little astonished at how rapidly these Chinese automakers are bringing out models with longer and longer ranges; roughly speaking, looks like every year the range of any given model seems to be increasing by 100 km.]
Re: Beijing Senova X25 & EX

Hope we get more real figures with WLTP.
Re: Beijing Senova X25 & EX

Martelli Automotores, the BAIC/Foton/Alfa Romeo dealer in Rosario, has on sale the X25 at a starting price of AR$ 349.900 with a 7 year/100K km warranty.
It's equipped with the 1.5 engine (5MT), and it has a fully-loaded equipment: AC, 2 airbags, ABS, cruise control, parking cam and sensors, sunroof, 16" wheels with 6-spoke alloys, 6 speakers with 7" touchscreen [MirrorLink as standard], fake leather seats, onboard computer...
BAIC X25 (Iran)

Diar Khodro has just started assembly of the X25 in Iran. It is powered by the 1.5L 114 bhp engine.


Diar Khodro, known for its longtime association with Great Wall Motors, had been assembling Wingle pickups and in more recent times had introduced the Great Wall M4 and BAIC Sabrina (E150). Since late 2016, the company faced production suspension due to regulatory/legal issues and had restarted output around January of this year, only to face a production stoppage again after March. Statistics did not record any output in the period April-August.

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بایک X25 - ماشین بایک X25 : مشخصات بایک X25 (
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Beijing BJEV EC5

Something we have known all along as belonging to the EX series is now suddenly an EC; the latest iteration of X25-based EV is revealed as EC5, since EX3 and EX5 are taken by completely different cars.


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