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Tiggo said:
in smaller cities you bribe the policeman who is in charge of the plate distribution, or he is a friend of yours.....a lot envelop money business.
You think bribing a policeman is really that easy? If you just give money to the policeman in charge and he doesn't know you at all, I'm not sure he would accept your money. It's too dangerous for them to take bribes like this. A friend of mine from a Southeast asian country once told me a story of bribing the traffic police in a capital street and he added that it is actually quite common in his country. That surprised me a lot as I don't think that would happen in my city. It's not that they don't wanna take the money, but taking such little money at the price of getting themselves in the risk of being caught, it's really not a good deal.

The corruption in China is a huge problem, it's even true today as officials are taking bribes in a way more and more ''sophisticated'' and more and more ''invisible''. I would say the ''money envelop'' as a form of bribe is just a story of yesterday. today it's just ''太不专业了!:D "

In my city, the plate number is obtained with a ''Lottery machine'', everyone is given 3 chances from which we choose a favorite number. Here the plates (鲁A)are not that expensive, maybe 400$ should do it.

btw,I remember fightingtorque, you have a 鲁B plate don't you?
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