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Greetings my friends
The year is coming to a end, its time to evaluate the chinese auto industry.
We could start a thread and a pool on this:
Evaluating the good and the bad things, some would be subjected to personal taste like the better looking sports car, some other dedicated to the top sellers.
For instance:
Best Hatchback
Best Sedan
Best Pick Up
Best SUV
Best Sportscar
Worst looking Car.
Strangest Looking car. I have a few ideas for this
"Back to the future special" dedicated to cars that still are produced in China,
but the design is pasted long ago
Biggest Chinese Exporter.

I would like to have some ffed back from you guys. What do you think?

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The Geely Beauty Leopard actually looks promising to me...although I would need more information on it. Is Geely releasing it in the U.S., per chance? Price? Both generations look good to me, although it looks to be sort of a BMW copy in the front and a Supra sort of in the back.

I actually like it's overall flow, though I would love to see a shot of it from the side, at an angle.
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