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July 21 and July 22, at Beijing Goldenport CCC(China Circuit Championship )

Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Corporation Limited (CFMA) and Formula Racing Development (FRD) formally announced the establishment of Changan Ford Racing. This new racing team ran two FRD modified Ford Focus racing cars in the 2006 China Circuit ,and in 2007 we run three Ford Focus (two boxes) .
This year 19 racing team,50 drivers and 17 automobile manufacturers take part. There are 6 Rounds in China:
Shanghai ( Shanghai International Circuit)
Beijing ( Beijing Goldenport Circuit)
Zhuhai (Zhuhai International Circuit)
Chengdu (Zhuhai Goldenport Circuit)
3 The race has 2000CC and 1600CC classes.
Changan Ford racing team take part in the 2000CC class.
Tickets at gate.. Races/practice sessions begin about 9am..for more details on CCC
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