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what do you say?

  • Bimmer

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  • Beemer

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  • They both sound the same

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  • I don't care

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Hey just wondering what the folks on this forum perfer when refering to BMW's.
I've allways said Beemer and consider Bimmer to be a North American thing.

I've looked it it up and it seems to be a much debated issue, it is common consensus that both terms were derived from motorcycle racing slang. Some say that the motorcyclyes were called Beemer's and the cars called Bimmer's to avoid confusion. Although most of the sites that state this version seem to be of a North American bias.

Some people also claim that it is just a different spelling and both words are pronounced the same.

The word Bimmer makes me think of Rimmer of the TV show Red Dwarf. It also makes me think of rimming...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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