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Bordrin Motor Corp.

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Bordrin is yet another NEV start-up arriving on the scene, having been established in 2016. The company's founder, Huang Ximing seems to be following in the pattern of Byton's Feng Changge (Jack Feng). After an engineering job with Ford, Huang returned to China and opened offices in Nanjing, China, and in the U.S. at an Oak Park, Michigan location.
Like Byton, Bordrin is also affiliated with FAW, and though it will build its own plant in Nanjing, it is said to be planning to build its first SUV, the B31, at an FAW plant in Tianjin.
The rendering shown here may be the C31 fastback sedan planned for launch in 2022.
Perhaps someone can post a larger image, as I am still a novice at posting them.


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Re: Bordrin Motor Corp joins the NEV wave


P.S. Re: Bordrin, perhaps it is better to be just a little skeptical at present because apart from a plethora of logos, these are the kinds of examples I have seen in connection with this company:

Maybe let them or the press show something a little more concrete, i.e. an actual concept car or the spyshot of a camouflaged pre-production test car, or even some kind of mule.
Shanghai (Gasgoo)- Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile Co., Ltd. (FAW Xiali) announced on April 29 that it has signed a framework agreement with the new energy vehicle (NEV) startup Nanjing Bordrin New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. to build a joint venture focusing on manufacturing NEVs.

According to the announcement, FAW Xiali is going to make capital contribution in such asset forms as land use right, plants and facilities, while Bordrin will invest in the joint venture with cash. The joint venture will be located at Xiqing District, Tianjin, where FAW Xiali is based.
A few days ago, I wrote this remark on another thread (Byton). More than the startup, my sympathies lay with the organization that used to be one of the strongest pillars of the Chinese passenger car industry:

The fate of the other FAW-supported EV startup, Bordrin, also appears to be grim. Founder, Dr. Ximing Huang, has practically washed his hands off Nanjing Bordrin, having sneakily transferred (at dirt-cheap rates) technological and intangible assets to a "new company" to be headed by a new set of personnel, with the meager proceeds from this "sale" ostensibly to be used to temporarily pacify long-unpaid, angry employees and suppliers who have been getting increasingly vocal over the months. Basically, Nanjing Bordrin has turned into a "shell" with no worthwhile assets.

Just think of the devastating consequences for the hapless minority partner in the Tianjin Bordrin JV: the erstwhile carmaker FAW Xiali, now reduced to a metals trading company, is in the unenviable position of having no production plant, no manufacturing equipment or tooling, no production license (having given away both licenses -- to Byton and Bordrin), no viable partner, and no cars to sell (in its eagerness to join Bordrin, it had stopped selling the fairly new models A50, CX65 and D80, no doubt developed at considerable cost which has to be written off since it cannot be amortized within such a short time). Moreover, Nanjing Bordrin, which is entitled to hold 80.1% of the JV, has contributed only 14 million yuan of capital to date, out of the 2.034 billion yuan required from its side. FAW Xiali has said it will approach the courts.

D1EV has published, courtesy of Future Auto Daily (, what appears to be an account of the affairs at Bordrin from the point of view of an insider: reportedly an employee or ex-employee. It makes for a poignant, rather sad reading:
Bordrin will close. Rather than stretch out the pain and keep everyone, especially employees, hanging by a tether, it is perhaps better to decide quickly one way or the other what is to be done with the company.
From what we have seen, it seems those production licenses are immortal. Even the failed company, Polarsun, transferred its license to WM Motor. And so it seems (reasonable) that FAW Xiali's legal counsel could recover rights to the license it once held. Once it's in a position to produce once again, it appears certain another startup, like Evergrande, will pursue its partnering. That will be the preferred outcome because I don't think it can any longer stand on its own. Let's hope it finds a better suitor next time around.
In a different article linked by dmitra it was suggested that Bordrin founder Ximing Huang has transferred many valuable assets, like IP and production licence, from Bordrin Auto to a newly established company called Shanghai Bordrin Vehicle Technology.
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