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Hello, there was a massive bot attack on this site using 17 user IDs which I noticed around 2:30 AM EST which created thousands of spam threads with Korean text. I managed to "one touch ban" these users, though I believe it may recur with new IDs. The originating IP address was, host name "".

Although these 17 user IDs have been banned, they are still "online" on the forum at the time of writing. These are:

ddgolo04, dfgoie09, fsesu999, iilo00, iilo00oo, iiolp000, sdfs7eo, sdfs800, sdfs9e8, sdfsdf56, sdfsfesf, se8f7789s7f, se8f789juiol, sf5e64, sf9s890, sfe8s7897, sjfie000

Can the admins block the above IP address or IP range from registering new user IDs?

This happens to be a known spamming IP. See:
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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