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Just today
BAG ( Bavarian Auto Group ) dealers and factory of BMW in Egypt
Made a LARGE Newspaper advertisment showing a Front Grill of the Brilliance Galena and its LOGO , and annoucning
" A new era of luxury cars , technologicaly advanced , made to suit your needs , soon " .

Another news from the same newspaper

A team of 12 members of SMA maple ( sales executives and bla bla ) visited Egypt today for a 3 Days tour , discussing sales and stuff with the Egyptian Dealer ( Symex International ) and Planning to make an Assembly line ( CKD ) for MAPLE in Egypt ( no dates announced )

I would've scanned the pages ,but my scanner is acting up :)

Also , Brilliance Galena has been spooted alot of times , in a Wild Orange color and a Black metalic one , roaming arround Cairo with FRENCH ? Flags on them and a Diplomatic License Plate ( they have diffrent colors here )

Maybe the embassy of france bought a few ? :D
Good news for brilliance :D
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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