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By the way, Brilliance Auto struck a deal to assemble its cars in Russia.

Chinese automaker, Brilliance Auto group, signed a KD (Knockdown Kits) project agreement with a Russia partner in Shengang yesterday. Under the agreement, Brilliance Auto Group will build an auto production unit in Russia.

Brilliance Auto Group, which is based in China's Northeastern city of Shenyang, will be able to export 100,000 Zhonghua Zunchi vehicles to Russia by assembling them in its production unit in Russia, local newspaper Shenyang Evening News said.

Last year, Brilliance Auto signed a 158,000-unit export agreement in Germany. In March this year, the automaker signed an export agreement with a Russia partner. Under the agreement, Brilliance will export 80,000 light passenger vehicles brandnamed Jinbei Haishi to Russia.

The production unit in Russia is Brillance Auto's fourth overseas plants following those in Egypt, North Korea, and Vietnam.
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