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Brilliance-Sunra i03 & i03A

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Brilliance Automotive Group Holdings Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Xinri Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., a light electric vehicle maker based in Wuxi, Jiangu, trading as SUNRA entered into a cooperation agreement in 2018 to manufacture small NEVs. A joint venture company, Brilliance Xinri New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. was established with Brilliance group and Xinri [Xinri (Wuxi) Development Co., Ltd.] holding 33.4% and 66.6% respectively. Construction of a new plant commenced.

Recall my post:
Brilliance Auto is setting up a new factory in Wuxi, Jiangsu, for production of two new electric vehicles. These will be 4-seat minicars about 3.3-3.6 m in length, wheelbase 2.19-2.48 m, codenamed W32H and W35H. I presume these might be somewhat similar in character to the GC1/GC2 from Zedriv.

Brilliance is investing 1.7 bn RMB in the project that will create an annual capacity of 50,000 vehicles. Although Brilliance's minivans (with SRM) have been pretty successful, its previous endeavor involving a minicar (Tun, an ICE car) flopped badly.
Now, two 3-door, 4-seat electric microcars have been approved by NDRC. The models are named i03 (codename W32H) and i03A (X32I). Both have identical dimensions but differ in appearance (they carry the Sunra "R" logo). They are powered by a 45 kW motor. According to earlier reports, a somewhat larger car, W35H, probably a 5-door, is in the pipeline.

Sunra website:

Note: Some articles may be referring to the cars as 103, 103A, X321 but those are incorrect.
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This Xinri (Sunra) is a former affiliate, or customer, of the now defunct American EV maker, ZAP.
As the "largest electric bike maker in China", its aspirations to produce registratable NEVs goes way back to 2007, when it began construction of a new Electric Vehicle Science and Technology Industrial Park in Wuxi, of Jiangsu Province, " large enough to make over five million (!) electric vehicles a year." according to
In any case, I suppose its tie-up with Brilliance will produce much needed EV credits.
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