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daewoo-chevrolet said:
Great looking cars and better names than the original names (for Europe). But the cars aren't cheap: a Kia Magentis (Optima), Chevrolet Epica (Daewoo Tosca) or Hyundai Sonata cost here the same as the BS6!

My apologies, in China the Brilliance is definitely less expensive than the models you mentioned. However, it IS possible if you get the top of the line Brilliance with ALL the options to be in the middle of the pack price wise (more than the Epica but less than the Sonata). Also, Brilliance is considered to be the BEST chinese car company going right now (not the biggest, just the best in terms of original design and quality) by most chinese car buyers - so as a result it is becoming a "cool thing" to own one here now!
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