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daewoo-chevrolet said:
I know that it is a different story in China, but this tread is about Brilliance in Europe, and in Germany the BS6 2.4 (130 hp) costs 23.000 euros, a Kia Magentis 2.0 (144 hp) 21.900 and a Volkswagen Passat 1.6 FSI (115 hp) 23.600. In the comparison test from AutoBild between these models, the Brilliance lost because his poor quality, poor safety level and engine.
Did the BS6 that Autobild compared at the same specs as the one pictured on the website or was it this one that the UK press tested: Assuming that the comparison was with the BS6 in the UK press article, then the interior quality and safety level have definitely improved, and the new 1.8L engine should improve engine performance some.

eddie said:
Yeah,you're right.In Germany The Brilliance doesn't have a chance with that price,at least against the German VW passat for just another 600 Euros more price.:D
definitely not with the BS6, but a BS4, which has better safety levels and quality, and should deliver better performance with a respectable V6 should present a stronger contender.
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