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Buick have sold more cars in China than in the United States during the 2006

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:confused: what the hell?
i hate buicks..

It's no secret that many Asian countries have an infatuation with American culture. Many Japanese folks enjoy a rousing game of baseball, and you can't walk more than a couple blocks in Hong Kong without bumping into a McDonald's. The same appears to be true in the automotive industry. In fact, according to the most recent reports from Automotive News, Buick will have sold more cars in China than in the United States during the 2006 calendar year.

From January to October of this year, Buick sold 206,582 vehicles in the US compared to 218,603 cars in China. The former represents a 15.4% decline while the latter represents an increase of 27.4%. The classy reputation of the Buick luxury division still draws in the customers in China.

As you may already be aware, the reverse trend appears to happening in North America, where Asian manufacturers are making more head way, especially since we're on cusp of seeing Chinese carmakers like Geely enter the American market. Does this all balance out? I don't think so, and I still think the big three have a lot to worry about. But hey, that's just personal conjecture.
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i suppose these buicks are manufactured in China, and not imported (fully assembled) from america??
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