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Buick Regal goes out of production in the PRC.

August 01, 2008 - The Buick Regal has finally come to an end in China. The Regal was the first ‘big Buick’ to enter the PRC, and perhaps the only ‘true Buick’ to go on sale in the PRC to date.

The Regal was the fourth model chosen to be assembled in China by GM Shanghai, beginning on December 26, 2002, after the Century, GL8 minivan, and the Sail. At firts it has generated considerable sales in that market as a large, relatively luxurious model, despite being more expensive than the American version. It replaced the Century in Buick's Chinese lineup and has slightly different frontal sheetmetal from the American models. Engine choices were also very different.

The Regal only sold 3791 cars in the first half of 2008 according to China Passenger Car Association, a long way from the 8000 cars per month it would sell in 2003. For the month of June the automaker didn't sell even one unit of the model. In contrast to the slow sales of Regal, another Buick, the Lacrosse, is selling like hot cakes in China's market with 29,437 units sold.

A new Buick Regal, a badge engineered, Opel Insignia, is expected to take over the Regal mantle later this year. In February Shanghai GM also stopped production of its Chevrolet Sail model and is reported to replace it with Opel Corsa.
from China Car Times

1999 New Century:

2002 Regal:

More photos at:


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