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Build ford tough hey? looks worse than the landwind

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The one on top if the ford, and bottom is landwind. Its kinda hard to tell after this lol.

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I can appreciate the value of progress, but on the other hand I started driving in 1988 using a car built in 1978. I didn't feel particularly afraid then, and I don't now.

My current car collection is as follows:

'77 porsche
'85 lotus (for sale if anyone wants one!)
'95 BMW
'95 lotus (new acquisition with 275 horsepower hehehehe)
'04 chery

of all these cars, only the BMW has an airbag.

So whilst I apreciate that if something doesn't meet current regulations it isn't allowed to be sold, I am not about to get too stressed if someone offers me a ride in a car that meets '90s regs but not the latest regs.

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Admin said:
whoa the 04 chery doesnt have a airbag ??
depends on the spec you choose. I didn't think it was important to have one. so far so good, which did include rear ending a truck once!
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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