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Build ford tough hey? looks worse than the landwind

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The one on top if the ford, and bottom is landwind. Its kinda hard to tell after this lol.

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It should be taken as a sign of how tough current crash test stadards are, not a sign of how crappy Ford vehicles perform in crash tests.

Look at Geely CK; it is built off Daewoo Lanos chassis which used to pass US crash test standard in the late 90s, but CK failed the current version of test and Geely is forced to redesign on their own.

It will be a major challenge for Chinese vehicles to even pass the US and EU crash and emissions test. The entry barriers into developed market are just too high for Chinese to overcome.

Chinese venders really need to have Japanese masters to teach them how to design and build proper vehicles.
That's only 35 MPH. The current standard is 40 MPH, which increases the impact force by 31%.

Just remember that Isuzu Rodeo was an early 90's design and was never meant to pass 40 MPH tests.
F-150 was ok by 90's standard. Likewise Chinese cars are ok by 80's crash standard.

Unfortunately, we live in 2006, where none of Chinese cars can pass the crash test.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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