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November 17 ( Chinese battery and auto manufacturer BYD is preparing to unveil a series of new models at the 6th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition opening tomorrow.

Among them are F4, F5 mid-sized sedans, an M6 MPV and an F8 sport car. Major dimensions vary, with the F5 being 4,600 mm long, 1,760 mm wide and 1,490 mm high, a little bit roomier than the F4. The F5 will use BYD's self-developed 1.8l engine.

The M6 measures 4600mm x 1760mm x 1490mm, with a 2,950mm wheelbase. The F8 is a hardtop convertible that is scheduled to go on sale in China next year. More details will be unveiled after the opening of the show.

In addition, BYD will also showcase its F3DM powered by its self-developed iron batteries at the show. The battery can be recharged for more than 2,000 times and can power the car to run over 600,000 miles.

The car equipped with BYD's batteries can travel as long as 100 miles after one charging, much longer than the 25-mile duel model vehicles offered by other automakers.
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