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BYD electric vehicle charging station

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nice!! :D ..but the truth is BYD is moving slower than brilliance, chery and geely,...
i hope byd starts getting more aggressive, because they have a lot of money from other operations, and have good expertis in electric batteries since they are a battery company
so yours saying that byd's cars run on electricity? what type lithium ion, NiMh, or NiCad ?
i dont think so...i think they run on gas..

i honestly dont know what the picture above is for?

Does anyone know what is that pic for and is it real?
gas electric gas....

Acording to the Peoples Daily of December 5 2003, 200 units of electric cars were to go on trial as taxis in the first quarter of 2004.

According to the website, "Our BYD AUTO people will strive forward unswervingly along a zigzag but also bright course."
I own two electric vehicles and its charging costs me very high for my pockets, so please tell me the perfect solution of charging the electric vehicle so that the power can be saved which further helps in reducing my electric bills.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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