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BYD F0 & e1

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These are spyshots of the replacement for the Flyer, according to the report in Autohome. The reporter noticed the similarity between it and the Toyota Vitz / Yaris.

The new BYD...

The Vitz / Yaris...
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Isn't it finaly time, that Chinese stop openly copying European and Japanese cars. :nono:
According to China Car Times, F1 is going to be worlds cheapest car with a price of 23,000rmb (2,142.82 EUR)!

BYD really are going to mass produce the worlds cheapest automobile and bring cheap motoring to the masses in China, previously the BYD F1 price tag was 30,000rmb but now it seems that figure has been changed down to a mere 23,000rmb.

Previously, the record was held by the Binzhou automotive group, but seeing as they are not mass produced, we can forget about them. The cheapest 800cc QQ3 is 27,000rmb, Ben Ben, Hafei Sai Bao, Suzuki WagonR’s, Little Nobels etc are all 30,000rmb and up.

While we’re not entirely sure what the BYD will be running under the hood, or what it will be made of, we’re quite excited (or worried) to see that Chinese manufacturers are pushing the boundries on the car pricing, the BYD is a smidgen over 3000USD. China Car Times previously got up close and personal with little Nobel and noted the interior quality, was not the greatest. What will the BYD F1 be like? Generally, the BYD range of cars are quite well made, but at 3,000USD what is this going to be like?

BYD make a profit on this, the government gets a cut on it, the logistics co will want a cut for sending it to the dealer, the dealer will also want a cut for selling it and supporting it, so just how much does it cost for BYD to make this car, $2000USD? Guesses in the comment box.
Re: Byd F1

BYD F1 unveiled at Beijing auto show.

April 25, 2008 - BYD unveiled its new mini-car model F1 at the Beijing auto show. Dubbed the 'Chinese MINI,' BYD FI is designed as the cheapest Chinese-made car, to be priced between 30,000 yuan ($4,290) and 40,000 yuan when it hits the market after its Beijing debut.

A self-developed model by the Chinese carmaker as BYD general manager claimed, BYD F1 is equipped with the eco-friendly BYD371QA engine. It is a 1.0 L three-cylinder 12-valve SOHC engine which has the max output of 50kW/6,000rpm and a max torque of 90nm.

Many people have noticed that the front ends of both the Toyota Aygo and the BYD F1 look remarkably similar, and the F1's dashboards instrument panel also has a similar design to the Aygo, but BYD has denied the cloning accusations.

The F1 measures 3,460 (L) x 1,618 (W) x 1,465mm (H) and weighs 870kg. The wheelbase is 2,340mm. The front and rear treads are 1,420 and 1,410mm long, respectively.

The BYD DM (Dual Mode) technology incorporates pure electric driving system and hybrid electric driving system. The DM hybrid system integrates advanced generator and motor controlling technology. It realizes multiple energy supply via both recharging and refueling, which is a real dual mode hybrid system.

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Article about F1 from China Car Times.

The BYD F1 splashed onto the internet with a rather large fan fare - possibly a contender for the worlds cheapest car title, and with good looks to boot. As more information about the F1 leaked out, it seemed that the F1 wouldnt be as cheap as it was supposed to be, but it was still cheap.

The BYD F1 is expected to be priced in the high 20,000rmb range to 40,000rmb range, however, no final price has been set from BYD as far we are aware.
We had a chance to get up close and reasonably personal with the F1 at the recent Qingdao Auto Show where the F1 was proudly on display at the BYD stand. From looks alone, the F1 is pretty similar to the Toyota Aygo, although BYD say they own design patents for the car.

The dashboard of the Aygo and the BYD F1 are very similar. Compare the speedo and RPM pods with the Toyota Aygos, the overall design elements are very similar, including the heating vents.

The overall quality of the interior was reasonable, although the top right picture shows a healthy gap between the dashboard sections. Overall, the quality of this presumebly pre-production model from BYD was actually quite good. The only critisism we have of the F1’s quality would be what felt (and looked) like two different types of plastic had been employed to make different sections of the dash, which made it look like a patchwork quilt dash! The seats were comfortable, and we quite liked the ‘poverty spec’ simplicity of it, its a car in the truest sense - it has 4 wheels, an engine, and not much else! If you want to adjust the window you have to use a piece of equipment known only to a few as a ‘hand winder‘ to open the windows, the same is said for the rear view mirrors, those too, are ‘hand operated’ shocking! Simply shocking, but excellent at the same time, its a back to basic car, after all!

In many respects, the BYD F1 reminds us of the base spec Renault Clios and the Twingos of the mid 90’s that were used as hire cars along the Mediterrainian strip - they were budget cars, rented to tourists, that were expected to take a battering from careless drivers and the elements. We think the BYD would excel itself in a similar situation, hot summers, sticky situations, tough traffic - sounds just like any east coast Chinese city in June.

Despite the F1 taking a lot of style from the Aygo, we think it will still be popular with young Chinese consumers who want to have a cheap, economical car, that is both fashionable and trendy without pilling dollars onto the base price.

Would we have one for driving around the city center? Oh yes, we would.

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Byd F0

BYD F1 to sell re-named as BYD F0 in September.

July 14, 2008 - BYD Auto Co., Ltd., will launch an A00-grade mini car model F1 in September this year, but the car name will be changed to BYD F0 by then in order to avoid the potential label conflict, reports Beijing News today.

The F1, produced in BYD’s new plant in Shenzhen, will go on sale this September or October, sources said. Once launched to the market, the model will use the name "F0" instead of F1 to avoid potential label conflict, as "F1" has been registered by Formula One Group, said sources familiar with the matter.

F1 is also planning to target global markets besides domestic market, so giving up the "F1" name is sensible for avoiding possible conflicts in markets home and abroad, BYD sources told reporters.

BYD Auto announced recently that F1, now the renamed BYD F0, with selling price at between 45,800 yuan ($6,710) and 55,800 yuan, can be ordered now at BYD dealerships.

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Re: Byd F0 (former F1)

Of course interior looks nice if it was inspired by small Toyota's (Yaris and Aygo). Little originality here.
Byd F0 at 2008 Moscow Auto Show.

Byd presented during the Moscow Auto Show new very car very important for the growth of the brand in the old continent and especially in Russia: The F0. Formerly known as F1, to avoid having problems with the Formula 1, BYD has had to change the name of the car.

In Russia the F0 will be available from next autumn and although the price has not been communicated, we already know that it will become one of the models more accessible to non-national brands on the market. It is rumoured that the price could reach the 200,000 roubles, which comes to be at current rates, about € 5,500 / 8,145 dollars.

As for the engine, employs a small block of a litre of petrol Cubic capacity that develops an output of 68 hp more than enough to move 870 kilograms with agility. The average consumption is around 4 l/100 and unlike in other products from rival brands, will have no automatic transmission for the time being.
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Lower grade with plastic wheel covers and no fog ligts:

F0 with sport accessories:

Many pics and other information about little Chinese at:
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Car on previous pictures is obviously not BYD F0 but rather vehicle developed by students of the Tongyi University based on it.

Recently, a site of "BYD F0 facelift spy photos" of mine who is, of course. In the sound of an alarm that many discerning eye spray helpless laughter. This obviously is the manufacturer of another cottage, but already wrongly tagged into a small egg BYD facelift.
So in the end what this car is a car? Yes, this is back in the 2007 Shanghai Auto Show when the launch of Shanghai Tongji University, one of two concept cars Fernand Leger.
How kind, is now being considered to understand the so-called F0 change how the matter of the bar section. Here I must mention, Tongji design company with the Czech Republic. Numerous car in close cooperation with enterprises. Tongji University has designed a series of the same level models are very similar to each other. This is the domestic level a number of fans familiar with the Italian Pininfarina automobile design platform, the film is very similar to many of the "domestic XX God car" practice.
Tongji University on a number of auto manufacturers and domestic topic of a lot of very mixed model design, where the first left a preamble. Gradually after the bar to talk about. But added that words really need to say. No cottage, only the cottage is more than the cottage.

TJ Innova coupe


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