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Re: Byd F0 (former F1)

The BYD F0 is by now one of the most popular cars in chinas capital cities because of the very good price as well as the better quality compared with cars like the original QQ geberation 1 till 3.
The 1.0 liter engine is stable and reacts fast.It is completly based on an older Suzuki engine.The interior is at least 2 levels higher then the QQ's.
It is a perfect city car for chinese customers.Travelling with cars is not such a big factor for chinese in general because of speed limits as well as different regulations for cars in different provinces.BYD expects to overraise the sales of the QQ's within the capital cities of china within 2 years.
The breaks of the BYD F0 are also much better as well as the material quality inside and outside.
In my and most of the chinese opinions - the BYD F0 is a close to be perfect city car for young chinese couple and singles livin within the capital cities of china. Even parking is china is much cheaper as long as you have a car with a lower machine then 1.8 liter.
0.8 -1.6 l 200 rmb per month
1.8 -2.0 300 rmb per month
2.5 -open 350 till 650 rmb per month;)
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