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Hey, BYD F3, how are you?
good to hear that you will be the proud owner of chinese car.
before giving you the info about alternative spare parts - please note:
unless your car is bought officially - you have a great opportunity to use and be covered by WARRANTY. i don't have any idea about terms in Bahrein, let it be 2 years and 50.000 km of run.
Within this period of time you and the supplier have different liabilities between both of you. They must replace for free all malfunctions appeared to be manufacture made. You must go through all Technical Maintenance stages. You cannot install spare parts, accessories which are not certified, not original, not approved by official supplier.
But if you don't have a warranty, or supplier fails to provide it - you always can cancel warranty agreement and use your own service with own spare parts.
Most of it are available from third party suppliers since BYD F3 is a copycat of Corolla 2002 and engine it use is Mitsubishi 4G.
Here the link to the russian forum about BYD F3 alternative spare parts:
(you need to know basic russian or you always can use Google Translate)

Hope this helps you.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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