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BYD Song Plus (SA3)

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New crossover coupe, provisionally named Song Plus. It has been revealed in gasoline-powered (1.5T/118 kW) or pure electric (120 kW or 135 kW) versions.

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The MIIT database is still not up, and I am getting tired of their capriciousness every month or the other.
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re:#8 - In one photo the display screen appears to double in size, compared to another. And yet there is no indication that it can fold, nor slide up and down.
Also, the larger screen obstructs the driver's forward view and so for safety reasons one would assume the larger screen is usable only when the vehicle is in PARK.
It is a rotating screen, which BYD has been offering in many of its newer models for quite some time.

Please see this video (around 4:54). Fortunately for us, it concerns the Song Plus and has been uploaded today itself.

Thanks D Mitra.
It's an impressive vehicle. But the speed of the presenter's speech is a bit of a bummer, for those of us new to the sounds of Mandarin.
I like the versatile screen but I still think those screens up on a perch, are quite vulnerable to damage over time.
Perhaps BYD has designed in, an easy breakaway and reposition, feature.

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Hello everyone!

I'm seeking help to find a Blind Spot sensor spare part for a BYD Song Plus 2022.

I'm in Latin America and the dealer only sells the sensor included with the whole mirror! I just need the sensor.

Can any body help with information on where to find it?

Thank you in advance!
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