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BYD Song

Song pure electric vehicle debut at the Beijing Auto Show. Uses two motors front and rear. Expected range is 270 km.
BYD Song DM (hybrid) two-wheel drive

The 2WD Song DM is seen with a minor facelift (compare the the red/orange cars with the white current model)

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BYD S5 (Egypt)

Al-Amal Co. for Vehicles Manufacturing & Assembly, a car assembler in Egypt, has begun production of the S5.

The BYD F3 and L3 have been assembled in Egypt previously. Al-Amal also assembles the Lada Granta and King Long vans.
BYD S5 (assembled in Egypt)

Copyright El-Kamony Automotive
[Images from OLX Classifieds]
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Re: BYD Song (S3)

BYD is relaunching the Song as Song Classic, with 1.5T engine only. Production of the Song was stopped after June 2019.
1 - 15 of 33 Posts
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