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According to several Chinese sources BYD is indeed planning to introduce new SUV named T6 which, according to first drawing, will looks almost identical to Porsche Cayenne.

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This plan will see the results surprised everyone, is that not like a Porsche Cayenne S for it? If it is not information from the official propaganda, it is unbelievable. Although the effects of plans or Cayenne models only simple changes in the network logo to replace the PS work, but in BYD persevered in the success of Xtreme wave models, no one can dare to deny the cottage again BYD card the possibility of dinner.

It seems the first time and take the mass models of the Toyota model line from the relationship, there is still some not accustomed to. BYD version from the cottage of course, the positioning of Cayenne, the BYD is very clear ideas. Geely is not like the cottage of the GE Rolls-Royce cars will be sold to millions of dollars, as the new SUV called the T6 model the pricing range of only 100,000 yuan, 2.0L engine displacement of about looks and the current Great Wall Hover.

Promotional materials in accordance with the information, this model will be around in September 2010 listed, then so on the basis of past experience, this model is expected in the second half of the road test will be reported according to the spy. Only the S6 cottage Lexus RX models not listed cottage's also a new Cayenne models of T6, BYD SUV models to expand the field of the determination can be seen, as two models of how to distinguish between the location is still unknown.

I'm pretty sure the car will not be a complete Cayenne knock-off. Although when you think of some other BYD models (F3, M6, S8), one can never be sure.
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