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BYD to mass produce electric car!

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BYD displays prototype electric vehicle at Beijing motor show

Xi'an, Shaanxi-based BYD Automobile, a manufacturer of cars and car batteries, has premiered its F3e model at the Beijing motor show.

According to its maker, the F3e produces zero pollution and zero noise.
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Nice! Please let this be the first cars to come to the US! Now I'd have a reason to put solar panels on my roof!

Detroit Show Preview: BYD's New Plug-in Hybrid on Sale Next Year

Date posted: 10-15-2007

SHENZHEN, China — BYD Automobile Company, a relatively young manufacturer owned by one of the world's largest makers of cell-phone batteries, plans to begin producing and selling a plug-in hybrid sedan in China in the second half of 2008. The automaker will showcase its advanced EV technologies at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

BYD said its plug-in gas/electric hybrid, based on the midsize F6 sedan, will use iron-based batteries rather than the lithium-ion batteries now favored by other manufacturers, because of their low cost and safety. The company also is working on a pure electric vehicle, the F6e, for 2009.

BYD will make its first U.S. appearance in January at the Detroit show, where it will display its conventional gasoline-powered vehicles as well as the F6DM (for "dual mode") hybrid. The F6DM reportedly can be driven about 60 miles in electric mode and nearly 270 miles by using the gasoline engine as a generator to charge the battery pack. Top speed is 100 mph. BYD said the batteries can be recharged to 70 percent of capacity in just 10 minutes.

The company plans to begin building and selling a version of the F6DM in China in late 2008. It has no immediate plans to market the plug-in hybrids in North America.

BYD has only been building cars since 2005, after it acquired the assets of the ailing automaker Qinchuan. It aims to boost sales to 100,000 units this year, from 60,000 in 2005.

What this means to you: With its potent technology base, look for BYD to become a major player in hybrids and EVs.
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Looking forward to's coverage of that auto show and BYD's conventional/hybrid/total electric cars in the future. Good news that they are seriously interested in producing alternative energy vehicles...the more of these the merrier!
BYD plans to sell hybrid vehicles in U.S. market next year

BYD plans to sell hybrid vehicles in U.S. market next year.

November 29, 2007 - BYD Auto Co. plans to start volume exports of its own-brand cars to U.S. and European markets in the second half of next year or early 2009, according to an Automotive News report.

The automaker says it will display plug-in hybrids and electric cars at the Detroit auto show in January. Both BYD and Chery have bold intentions to enter the United States. But the safety and emissions standards are stiff, and the automakers are small with inexperienced engineers and marketers.

BYD Auto, based in Shenzhen, has a history of brash predictions. For instance, BYD Auto has said it will be China’s biggest-selling automaker by 2015. But this year its sales will reach about 100,000, about one-half the production of one assembly plant in the United States.

The company sells gasoline-powered cars now but is targeting hybrids and battery-powered cars. Its parent company, BYD Co., is a leading rechargeable battery maker in the global market.

The company plans to produce a plug-in hybrid model in the second half of 2008 and bring purely electric-powered cars to market in 2009.

BYD Auto makes startling claims about its hybrids. The company says its first plug-in hybrid, the F6DM, will have a range of 267 miles (430 kilometers) on one tank of fuel, with a maximum speed of about 99 mph (160 kph). The car will be able to go 62 miles (100 kilometers) powered by batteries alone, the company says.

BYD Auto says that the battery pack can be recharged about 2,000 times, sufficient for seven to 10 years of operation. It needs nine hours for a full recharge by home power but only about 10 minutes for a 50 percent recharge with a special power station.

Xia says the F6DM may sell for about 200,000 yuan ($26,700).

The company hasn’t announced details about its planned electric cars. The company says its battery and hybrid cars are powered by a type of lithium-based battery called lithium iron phosphate.

A source at a company also working on batteries in China — and a competitor of BYD’s — said lithium iron phosphate batteries have various problems. They are heavy, costly and difficult to mass-produce with consistent quality.

Typical attention seeker, big big talk, no real work, I don't doubt about their hybrid, electric cars ability but selling in the US....phew... BYD just needs to set their goals clear, I don't think BYD knows what they are doing
So far any news about their iron based batteries ?

Well this is the only pic of the BYD Iron battery engine I found.

If you have any please post it and keep us updated with their Iron battery R&D
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BYD presented F6DM (Dual Mode) at 2008 Detroit Auto Show.

Tucked away in the lower level of Cobo Center, tiny BYD Auto is already displaying a plug-in hybrid, the F6DM (for dual-mode). The midsize sedan, which was unveiled in November at the Guangzhou auto show in China, is powered by a new low-cost battery developed by BYD.

BYD's parent company is one of the world's largest makers of cell-phone batteries.

The F6DM reportedly can be driven about 60 miles in electric mode and nearly 270 miles by using the gasoline engine as a generator to charge the battery pack. Top speed is 100 mph. BYD said the batteries can be recharged to 70 percent of capacity in just 10 minutes.

The company plans to begin building and selling a version of the F6DM in China in late 2008. It has no plans to market the plug-in hybrids in North America until after 2010.

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This sedan (mid-sized?) looks nice too. A mid-sized sedan plug-in Hybrid may just be the best vehicle to crack the North American market...

A mid-sized cross-over plug-in Hybrid would be even better!!!
Does the plug-in hybrid have a market?

I think the technology is perfect for those who live a single family house and have outlets in their garage. But in China, people park their cars in underground parking lots, or even in streets. How will BYD deal with the reality? Should they persuade gas stations to install devices for their hybrid cars? That will require tremendous efforts.
Easier than you think.............

Large, modern apartment complexes here in China are already starting to offer plug-in spots for electric bikes.......people who wish to use them pay a small monthly fee and park their bikes there and plug in!! The same could easily be set up in certain areas of underground garages for plug in cars - it will just take some time for the average consumer to catch on to the idea. The REALLY surprising thing is how many people don't really KNOW much about global warming yet and the NEED for alternative energy needs to be a lot more prominent in the news, internet, etc. - I think THAT will promote interest and purchase in electric/hybrid vehicles here in China.
I agree with Dragin in that if electric cars are to get the attention they deserve, they need to be designed as electric cars. The most exciting new sports cars are being designed as electric (not conversions). So, why not create a stylish four passenger electrc that rivals its' gasoline powered counterpart in every way, especially one that is visually appealling and takes the functional form of the vehicle to a new level?
BYD wants to sell hybrids in Europe.

April 03, 2008 - BYD Auto Co., the Chinese automaker that made its European debut at this year's Geneva auto show, wants to sell its cars in Europe by 2010, starting with hybrid models. BYD also is considering building cars in Europe.

The company's president, Wang Chuanfu, told Automotive News Europe at the Geneva show that he sees great potential for gasoline-electric hybrids in Europe.

"Savings on running costs are higher than in China because of high European fuel prices," he said. Hybrids use gasoline and electric motors to power the wheels.

Wang said he was surprised by reactions to BYD at the show.

"Europe is conservative and not very open in terms of new brands," he said. "But on the other hand, the emphasis in Europe is on the environment. So we will first bring our hybrid models to Europe. Start of sales in 2010 would be ideal."

BYD, which was established five years ago by the BYD Group, has used its expertise in mobile-phone batteries to develop rechargeable gasoline-electric vehicles that it expects to eventually compete with plug-in hybrids from General Motors and Toyota. Unlike its larger rivals, BYD's dual-mode plug-in hybrid uses ferrous battery technology.

BYD is in talks with several European car distributors.
source: Automotive News China
It would only be possible for china to start this electric/fuel cell car stuff going.
BYD Auto in China looking to build hybrids by 2010 in Europe market

Chinese automaker Build Your Dreams (BYD) is planning on using its experience in mobile phone battery development to construct dual-mode, gasoline-electric hybrid plug-in vehicles to be sold in Europe by 2010.

Automotive News reports that company owner Chuanfu Wang indicated at last month's Geneva Motor Show that there is a strong potential market for BYD's hybrid cars in Europe. The Chinese automaker is in negotiations with several European car distributors for rights to the brand.

BYD's gas-electric plug-in cars will use ferrous battery technology that is said to allow for an operating range of 110 kilometers, or about 68 miles, versus the reported 20 kilometers for the plug-in Toyota Prius, which uses lithium ion battery technology.

This fall, BYD plans to sell their F6DM gasoline-electric hybrid in China, followed by the smaller F3DM hatchback hybrid. Both cars will carry a 5000 euro ($7800) premium over regular gasoline versions and will have a targeted production run of 2000 vehicles per month in 2009.

Wang predicts the European market will demand upwards of 2000 BYD hybrids per month and is currently looking for locations to produce the cars in Europe to cut production and shipping costs. BYD's parent group, the BYD Group, already has battery production facilities in Romania and Hungary and will supply ferrous batteries.

Wang hinted that the automaker will bring its new all-electric version of its E6 model sedan that features a 248 mile range to Geneva in 2009. The all new sedan is currently used as a taxi in the busy streets of Beijing, China.

Of course, as with any major announcement from a Chinese automaker regarding future products for Europe or the U.S., especially models with high-tech powertrains, we'll believe it when we drive it.

Source: Automotive News
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248 mile range hits the spot for me, but I'm in the U.S. Can we get non-ICE cars like that here in the U.S.? Dunno about that.
BYD e6 Elec

At Beijing BYD will present e6 Elec concept:

Translated article from Autoblog Spanish:
One of the most interesting concepts presented byd in Beijing Automobile Chamber is the e6 Elec, a mid-size people carrier driven with an electric motor completely. It must be remembered that this manufacturer and plans to launch the F6 with mechanical hybrid.

With a design reminiscent quite Honda Odyssey in its front e6 Elec notable for the work completely with batteries and also get a range of 300 km, a very high figure that so far few manufacturers had succeeded. Totally clean environment, the fuel cell developed allows a load quickly and efficiently in less time, because in 15 minutes to load 80%.

Best of all, it generates good performance and is capable of reaching 100 km / h from standing in 10 seconds and exceed 160 km / h speed limit. The batteries have been tested in all types of conditions to be safe under all circumstances and are located at the bottom of the rear seats, which are more protected in the event of a collision. It is a fairly advanced model that could reach into series production in just two years.

From Autoblog:
When Auto China (a.k.a. the Beijing Motor Show) opens next week, BYD will pull the wraps off its e6, an EV crossover/MPV with a front end similar in appearance to the JDM Honda Odyssey. Unlike Honda's people-mover, the e6 runs exclusively on batteries. Its operating range is stated as being 300 km (186 miles) on a full charge. Said batteries, we're assuming they're lithium-ion (the translation from Autoblog Chinese is a little dodgy), can be charged via a 220V outlet. If a quick-charger is used (details of which are not yet available), 15 minutes gets the driver an 80% charge. A completely respectable zero-to-100 km/h (62 mpg) time of ten seconds is achievable, along with a maximum speed of 160 km/h (99 mph). The e6 battery pack lives under the rear seats, where BYD says provides they're well-protected in the event of a crash. BYD says that the e6 could go into production within two years. We'll look for more updates when the show gets underway.
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